Pete Campbell Is Basically a Civil Rights Pioneer, Says Pete Campbell

Pete Campbell’s chronic inability to have one single, unsullied good thing happen to him basically functions as a Mad Men running joke. A freak hunting accident drops the Chevy account in Pete’s lap, but he’s forced to share it with the mysterious gay man who knee-nuzzled him an episode earlier. He doesn’t get fired… »6/23/13 5:00pm6/23/13 5:00pm


Sad Pete Campbell Is Sad Vincent Kartheiser in Real Life

Have you heard about this show on AMC called Mad Men, about a reptilian account executive at an advertising agency whose life is complicated by his outsized professional ambition and awkward interpersonal skills? Most likely, you're much more familiar with the version of Mad Men that centers on a handsome philanderer,… »4/07/13 5:00pm4/07/13 5:00pm