McCain Campaign, CBS Journalists Are Unashamed Of Their Own Entitlement, Election Tactics

When the chips are down and all the prayers to God to win the election and protect you from witchcraft haven't worked, everyone knows it's time to call in the big guns: the forces of evil. And, if they're too busy helping the Axis of Evil get nukes and shit, well, then you can always call in the forces of pettiness… » 10/09/08 10:00am 10/09/08 10:00am

Assassination, Impeachment and Prison Sentences

  • Raymond Hunter Geisel (no relation to the awesomest Geisel ever) was arrested in Florida today for threatening to assassinate Barack Obama. One nutjob down, too many to go. [Politico]
  • A President is going to get impeached! No, not ours. Pakistan's own Uncle Pervy. [HuffPo]
  • Salim Hamdan, convicted earlier this week of…
  • » 8/07/08 6:30pm 8/07/08 6:30pm

Solving The Anthrax Mystery (And Other Odds And Ends)

The mystery of who sent the anthrax letters may finally be solved, and it's like the most random plot twist to a James Patterson novel (not that either of us has ever read a novel by James Patterson, but the advertisements for them on the Metro make it seem like a good simile). Steven Hatfill gets his millions, his… » 8/01/08 11:00am 8/01/08 11:00am

And The $300 Million Defense Contract Goes To...The 22-Year-Old Abusive Boyfriend Who Never Had A Job!

Do you ever wonder, where do the weapons our Pentagon is buying to supply the Afghan counterinsurgency actually come from? Well, duh, China, but, let's start over. Meet Efraim Diveroli. He has some sort of $300 million Pentagon contract to supply ammunition to the government. He also has: never had a real job, a… » 3/27/08 10:00am 3/27/08 10:00am

Well Shit, Michelle, Surely You Can Think Of Something...

Michelle Obama's confession that she hadn't really been proud of her country in the past twenty five years or so before they started uniting behind her stinky snore-y husband made me think this morning: when was the last time I felt proud of this place? Well duh, I thought: no one ever thinks they love FREEDOM until… » 2/19/08 10:00am 2/19/08 10:00am