Defeated Personhood Advocates Vow To Continue Their Idiotic Fight

Yesterday, Mississippi voters sent Initiative 26— the so-called "Personhood" Amendment— shrieking off into the night like a vanquished horror movie antagonist. Even though 58% of voters in the reddest of red states rejected the extreme abortion ban, advocates of calling zygotes people are undaunted and insist that… »11/09/11 11:30am11/09/11 11:30am

Both Candidates For Mississippi Governor Think Zygotes Are Totally People

It's great to live in America, a place where our two-party system allows you to align yourself politically with someone who sort of agrees with you a lot of the time, and then voting them into office where they'll hopefully make decisions and laws that reflect what you believe is best for the country. If you live in… »10/24/11 7:10pm10/24/11 7:10pm

Child Of Rape Victim Is Now A Charming Anti-Choice Personhood Fanatic

On November 8, Mississippians will vote on Initiative 26, an amendment to their state's constitution declares that life begins at the moment of conception. If enacted, the measure will effectively outlaw all abortion, IVF, embryonic stem cell research, and many forms of birth control. The driving force behind this and… »10/21/11 5:15pm10/21/11 5:15pm