Mississippi Doesn't Particularly Care If Voters Don't Want Personhood Amendment

Immediately after voters in Mississippi, the most conservative state in the nation, rejected the proposed "personhood amendment," anti-abortion advocates vowed to continue their fight in other states across the country. It seemed like a fairly idiotic move, but then we're talking about people who insist the proposed… »1/04/12 2:50pm1/04/12 2:50pm

Score One For Sanity: Mississippi Defeats Absurd Personhood Initiative

If you're a fan of women having reproductive rights, break out your finest bottle of champagne and do a celebratory dance in your living room. Realizing that they enjoy having access to hormonal contraceptives, IUDs, the morning after pill, in vitro fertilization, and yes, safe and legal abortion, Mississippi voters… »11/08/11 11:15pm11/08/11 11:15pm