It's Time To Shut Up About Michelle's Damn Dress

As you may have heard, Michelle Obama recently wore a red Alexander McQueen evening gown to a state dinner held in honor of the Chinese president, Hu Jintao. This apparently made a lot of people very unhappy. » 2/02/11 4:40pm 2/02/11 4:40pm

Karl Lagerfeld And Claudia Schiffer: Divas Separated At Birth?

  • After shooting her for a Dom Perignon campaign, Karl Lagerfeld expressed amazement at Claudia Schiffer's ability to play the diva at the heart of the campaign's storyline. We further express amazement that Karl got over his own whopping diva attitude to actually compliment someone other than himself. [WWD, 1st item]
» 7/05/07 10:05am 7/05/07 10:05am

Style Ditto: Shove Over Lily Allen, Look Who's Coming To 'New Look'!

  • "If I could just do one thing for 24 hours it would be [have sex] . . . or sew. Or have sex while sewing. Or sew an outfit to have sex in." So says singer Beth Ditto, which is why the plus-sized Ditto is now collaborating with New Look to become the most unlikely (and kinda awesome!) celebrity clothing endorser yet. [
» 7/03/07 10:28am 7/03/07 10:28am

The Godfather: Now Starring The House Of Valentino

  • The Sopranos is coming to an end, but the Valentino drama continues. Private equity firm Permira struck a deal over the weekend with the Marzotto family to buy the family's remaining shares in the fashion house. But what to do with the 20% of shares held by Antonio Favrin, a member of the Marzottos rival family? We…
» 6/04/07 10:14am 6/04/07 10:14am

Who Needs Daytime TV When We Have The Soap Opera Surrounding Valentino?

  • Private equity concern The Carlyle Group is rumored to be out of the race for control of Valentino, as the $3.5 billion needed to buy out the company is way too steep. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • The NY Times "Sunday Styles" section fails to give a single word to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel Resort 2008, but has lots to say about…
» 5/21/07 6:00am 5/21/07 6:00am