Six-Year-Olds Care About Lipstick, And Other Tragedies

The woman seemed a little thrilled when her young son asked for a Barbie, telling her husband it was healthy gender-identity experimentation. But the Barbie languished on the shelf. Why? "It's for when a girl comes over," he said matter-of-factly. » 9/21/10 12:57pm 9/21/10 12:57pm

Think Pink: The Sexist Toys Of Our Youth

Britain-based Pinkstinks advocates against putting girls "into a pretty little box" through aggressively pink and beauty-oriented toys. I'm all for it. But how do I explain my childhood obsession with an inexcusable little game called Perfect Wedding? » 3/31/10 5:40pm 3/31/10 5:40pm