Marie Conde, the "bad-ass mama" who chased off three muggers in a subway station on Sunday
Marie Conde »11/20/08 9:40am11/20/08 9:40am, the "bad-ass mama" who chased off three muggers in a subway station on Sunday, has inspired , Kelly Cutrone — the People's Revolution publicist and faux boss of Lauren Conrad. Using her PR skills, Cutrone quickly gathered up a package of gifts for Conde to reward her bravery, including two Longchamp bags…

Kelly Cutrone On The Hills: "This Is Called Multi-tasking In The Power Bitch World"

This week on The Hills »9/02/08 11:00am9/02/08 11:00am, nothing exciting happened and no interesting dialogue was exchanged. (Shocker, we know.) Since the introduction of Lauren and Whitney "working" at fashion PR firm People's Revolution, we feel like owner Kelly Cutrone has not been utilized nearly enough. We figured she'd play a much bigger role…

The Hills Kelly Cutrone: "In Christianity, Mary Gets Pregnant On Her Own, She Doesn’t Even Get F*cked.”

In this morning's rag trade, we mentioned (briefly) the awesomeness that is this profile of Kelly Cutrone, the self-proclaimed PR "power bitch" and boss of Whitney on The Hills, but we felt we would be remiss in not discussing it further. Before we get to the choice quotes that Cutrone, the owner of People's… »6/19/08 2:30pm6/19/08 2:30pm

Will Italian Vogue Break With Fashion Mag Tradition, Feature Black Models?

  • Europeans are always more progressive than Americans. Rumor is, Italian Vogue may be producing a cover featuring only black models. [Fashionista]
  • Oh. My. God. High School Musical and Hannah Montana-inspired Crocs, soon available at a store near you. [Yahoo]
  • Francis Ford Coppola and Sofia Coppola will be the next faces…
  • »4/24/08 11:30am4/24/08 11:30am

The Hills: Whitney Learns To Deal With Scary Boss Kelly Cutrone

Now that Whitney has a new job at Kelly Cutrone's fashion PR company People's Revolution, she might actually get a storyline that isn't a complete snoozer. On last night's episode, we got a glimpse of Kelly's bitchy side when Whitney's coworker was snapped at for not doing her job properly. Then we learned that it was… »4/08/08 11:00am4/08/08 11:00am