Jennifer Lawrence Flips Off the Press Room and More Gossip from the…

While you were staggering home in a prosecco haze, celebrities were still out partying, and here's some post-Oscar nuggets for you to munch on. Okay, so yeah, Jennifer Lawrence fell down on her way to collect her Best Actress Oscar. We can perhaps attribute this to her previous confession that she was planning to get … » 2/25/13 9:00am 2/25/13 9:00am

Did Puck Really Call Pedro Zamora "AIDS Boy"?

Pedro—the MTV movie about Real World: San Francisco's AIDS activist Pedro Zamora—was written by Dustin Lance Black, screenwriter of Milk. But you'd never know that guy won an Oscar, watching this flick. » 4/03/09 11:00am 4/03/09 11:00am