Catholic Prep School Says Our Sexting Story Isn't Accurate; Alumni Disagree

Earlier this week, we reported on "Alexis," the 10th grader who was asked to withdraw from Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, Virginia for texting a topless photo as "a dare" to two male friends on the lacrosse team she managed. According to Alexis and her mother, the boys who shared her sext with the entire… » 4/12/13 5:00pm 4/12/13 5:00pm

Girl Sends Sext, Gets Kicked Out of School. Lacrosse Players Share Sext, Get Off Scot Free

A 16-year-old student says she was forced to withdraw from her prestigious Catholic prep school after texting a topless photo to two of the school's star athletes, who shared it with the entire lacrosse team but received no punishment. Instead of using the incident as a teachable moment for both male and female… » 4/10/13 5:14pm 4/10/13 5:14pm