Obama Is A Machiavellian Ari Gold Sellout! Will Scarlett Johansson Notice?

Yesterday while Crappy Hour was in progress Barack Obama totally sold out the like MAJOR ISSUE OF HIS WHOLE POLITICAL CAREER and we didn't really talk about it because the campaign's media fellater relations department still hadn't distributed its key talking points, but then they sent out this video and as you can… »6/20/08 10:00am6/20/08 10:00am

"Eight Years Ago You Promised To Restore Dignity To The White House...Brilliant Appearance On Deal Or No Deal!

Gaiety! Bacchanalia! Food shortages! The White House Correspondents Dinner happened over the weekend. "One of the most hideous events I've ever been to," decreed Ruper Everett (of the cinematic gem The Next-Best Thing. Megan went. So did Heidi and Spencer and Pete Wentz. Megan recognized Donatella Versace, but not… »4/28/08 10:00am4/28/08 10:00am

Barack Obama May Be "Inevitable", But He Didn't Learn That From His BlackBerry

  • Puppies! [NYT]
  • Unexplained national BlackBerry shutdown began at 3:30 p.m. I'd take it as a sign from God, but those fuckin' iPhones are still working. [WSJ]
  • Obama officially pulled ahead of Clinton, delegate wise, even counting the "superdelegates," after winning in Maine. [CBS News]
  • Oooooh, and look who's inevitable…
  • »2/11/08 6:30pm2/11/08 6:30pm