Amy Sedaris Talks Sitcoms, Rabbits And Pasties With Letterman

We've got a special treat for Amy Sedaris acolytes: she's getting her own sitcom! »10/15/08 11:00am10/15/08 11:00am The details of the new show are scarce, reports, but apparently Amy came up with the concept six years ago and star Paul Dinello is involved. Also involved? David Letterman, who will produce. Amy went on Letterman's show last night and…

A PSA On Marijuana, Courtesy Of Strangers With Candy

Strangers with Candy's Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) is always full of twisted wisdom and words to live by, but in the clip above, it's actually her teacher Mr. Jellineck (Paul Dinello) who passes on the words of wisdom. "All I'm saying is if you wanna smoke pot, then be prepared to spend a lot of time laughing with your… »4/18/08 7:00pm4/18/08 7:00pm