Vanity Fair And The New Yorker Expose The Clandestine Operations That Sabotaged Iran, Hillary's Wardrobe

Hola, patriots! We have a treat for you today at Crappy Hour: we read two really long stories for you, Gail Sheehy's first rough draft of the demise of Hillaryland in Vanity Fair and Seymour Hersh's investig-planation of what exactly your tax dollars are doing in Iran. And oh my goodness, the stuff we knew that we… »7/01/08 10:30am7/01/08 10:30am


Democrats Kiss And Make Up With Everyone Except Lieberman

  • For those of you who don't recognize the people Obama is embracing, that's Debbie Dingell to the left and Senator Carl Levin to the right. They were two of the four Michiganders who led the fight to get Michigan's full delegate seated at the convention. [Kalamazoo Gazette]
  • Which is a roundabout way of illustrating…
  • »6/16/08 6:00pm6/16/08 6:00pm

The Stupidest Thing You Ever Read On This Blog (And Maybe The Whole Wide Internet)

Are women stupider than men? This woman, Charlotte Allen thinks so, but she was smart enough to hack into the sophisticated hierarchy of retard-screening and get her essay "Women Aren't Very Bright" published in Sunday's Washington Post, so we are not yet sold. The essay, which about 978 of you emailed us over the… »3/03/08 10:00am3/03/08 10:00am

"It's The Only Thing That There's Just Too Little Of" = Kind Of An Understatement!

  • UPDATE: The Northern Illinois University shooter killed five people, including himself. [WSJ]
  • "I will be haunted to the end of my days by what my child has done." That's the mother of Latina Williams, who killed herself and two classmates Louisiana Technical College last week.
  • And in other senseless death news: 82…
  • »2/14/08 6:40pm2/14/08 6:40pm
Today the WSJ brings us the real reason Clinton campaign chair Patti Solis Doyle stepped down.

Today the WSJ brings us the real reason Clinton campaign chair Patti Solis Doyle stepped down. "She recently returned home after two months on the road to find a family accustomed to her absence... When her 6-year-old son cried out one night recently, he rebuffed his mom, saying, 'I want Daddy.' Ms. Solis Doyle flew… »2/14/08 1:20pm2/14/08 1:20pm

Broke Hillary Fires Loyal Hill Force One Captain Patti Solis Doyle

Oh Patti Solis Doyle, we hardly knew ya! Maybe it is just that you resemble Rachael Ray, but even though your job running the Clinton campaign was surely tortuous, you always seemed so sunny and approachable. Unlike your boss's husband, we really did have a soft spot for you. But while you were masterminding such… »2/11/08 10:00am2/11/08 10:00am