Now Texas Is Subpoenaing the Records of Abortion Patients Who Donated Fetal Tissue

It’s all been leading up to this: investigators with Texas’ Health and Human Services Commission are asking for Medicaid patient records from Planned Parenthood clinics in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas, seeking information on women who made fetal tissue donations. The demand letter was sent the same day state… »10/23/15 1:50pm10/23/15 1:50pm


"Cookie Monster" Mayor Targets Girl Scouts • Nurse Gives Wrong Woman Abortion

Ellen Taylor, the mayor of Claremont, was dubbed "The Cookie Monster" when she shut down Girl Scouts selling cookies on a street corner (she said it was hurting her business) and then creating a new law that requires a permit for non-profit sellers. • An elderly woman was saved from a violent kangaroo attack in… »7/21/08 4:30pm7/21/08 4:30pm