Raw Milk Debate Has Maybe United Rural Conservatives, Urban Liberals

Wisconsin, America’s enchanted forest of cheeses, milks, and ice creams, is currently the home to one of the creamiest dairy debates in all the land about whether or not the governing powers that be should have the authority to punish dairy entrepreneurs for selling raw milk. If dairy consumers want to roll the dice… »5/12/13 4:00pm5/12/13 4:00pm

All-Girl Team Wins Science Competition with Ingenious Pasteurization Contraption

Question: the Hippie Pandas are: a) a new-wave metal band that prominently features a harpsichordist, b) a team of budding scientists who created a way for Nicaraguan women to pasteurize milk, or c) a group of pandas that smoked a ton of bamboo in the 60s and now follow the remaining Allman Brother whenever he goes… »5/13/12 2:30pm5/13/12 2:30pm