Sharing Passwords Is the New Teen Sex

Remember back in the innocent time before computers and smartphones, when teenagers were all about swapping handwritten notes and bodily fluids? Well, things have changed considerably in this era of heavy teching, and now the youth are finding new and horrifyingly sad ways to connect—like swapping passwords with their… » 1/18/12 11:05am 1/18/12 11:05am

Zappos Hacked; Shoe Addicts Seek Shelter

Someone hacked Zappos, and now a nation bites its nails, worried that our shoe shopping habit is in danger. But, thank God, it is not. Your access to sale-priced sneakers and stylish stilettos will not be denied—but you will need to change your password if you want to keep safely procuring three pairs of the same… » 1/16/12 9:30am 1/16/12 9:30am