Hey, Girls, 'Modesty' Is Bullshit

The Merriam-Webster English Dictionary defines "opening your article with a quote from a dictionary" as "the most bush-league garbage move of all time"—but that's because it's mainly used by pimply baby boys in red states who want you to know how personally wounded they are by the existence of Black History Month. In some » 12/09/12 1:28pm 12/09/12 1:28pm

Teen Starts High School Modesty Club, Inspires 'Modesty Week' in Pasadena

After Saige Hatch, 15, noticed a lot of sartorial "immodesty" at South Pasadena High School, despite their basic rules of appropriate dress code, she started a co-ed Modesty Club, inspired by a "No-Cussing Club" begun by her brother in 2009. His club garnered death threats and thousands of pieces of hate mail as well as » 12/08/12 3:10pm 12/08/12 3:10pm