Hello Kitty & Random Celebs Get Catty At Sanrio Luxe Store Opening

Last night, there was an opening party for the new Sanrio Luxe store, in New York City's Times Square. In attendance: Lisa Loeb, Heatherette designer Richie Rich, noted socialite Tinsley Mortimer, drag legend Lady Bunny… And Hello Kitty herself, wearing a gorgeous kimono! On display were all of the items one will be… »11/12/08 3:40pm11/12/08 3:40pm

Bloomie's After Dark: Kind Of Like Bloomie's During The Day Plus Booze & Nigel Barker

Kids! As I may have mentioned, I am somewhat disillusioned »9/09/08 2:00pm9/09/08 2:00pm by fashion week parties. But last night, out of pure love, I attended the opening party for AmericanPHOTO's "first ever fashion issue" and, more to the point, 's fashion photos, "Moon Warriors." The party (co-hosted by ) was at Bloomingdale's SoHo (which was…

The Unconventional Conventionaire: Getting The Party Started In Denver

Party animals — in this case, asses — should watch themselves this week, as we've got some spies watching them. Our main Mata Hari is the "Unconventional Conventionaire", a convention goer who cares less about The Party and more about the parties: she's got her eyes and ears at the ready, her ass on the dance floor… »8/25/08 1:40pm8/25/08 1:40pm

Patricia Field For Payless: Shoes, Booze & Drag Queens

When you think about it, the pairing of Patricia Field and Payless Shoes makes perfect sense. The stylist for Sex And The City was once known for her crazy, colorful eponymous downtown store where clubkids and drag queens could shop for the kind of mesh/pleather/day-glo ensembles not found at Banana Republic. It was a… »5/29/08 2:00pm5/29/08 2:00pm

Girl After Our Own Drunken, Period-Sexed Hearts Crashes Tyra

A bunch of "party girls" went on Tyra to talk about their heavy drinking and late nights out, but Tyra turned it into a therapy session of rehab, with counseling from Dr. Drew and reformed porn star Mary Carey, acting as sponsor. We were supposed to view the three party girls as having serious problems, but one girl,… »5/08/08 4:00pm5/08/08 4:00pm

Some Young Women May Be Confusing "Confidence" With Carnality

It's Spring Break in America, and you know what that means... Millions of college students are getting wasted. And, more often than not, this is the time that young women go from concentrating on history or communications to studying Sex Appeal 101. LA Times columnist Megham Daum went to Cancun a few years ago, to… »3/17/08 1:30pm3/17/08 1:30pm