Amy Poehler Is Danny at This 'Grease' Karaoke Party Because Why Not

On tonight's episode of Parks & Recreation — the last to air until January because NBC wants more people to watch Sean Saves The World/ oh my god NBC what are you doing? — Leslie Knope and Councilman Jamm pair up for a gender-bending rendition of the karaoke favorite "Summer Nights." Here's the entire performance. »11/21/13 10:30pm11/21/13 10:30pm


NBC Puts Parks and Rec on the Bench to Save Sean Saves the World

It's been sort of a lackluster fall pilot season, I feel. Super Fun Night is mildly blah, love of my life Michael J. Fox's return to the screen has been mixed and I keep forgetting to watch Mom because CBS isn't on Hulu (and that's about as uncreative a name for a show as you can get). So the news that NBC has, in … »10/21/13 4:45pm10/21/13 4:45pm