In Sex Criminals, There’s No Such Thing as Being a Pervert

When it started two years ago, Sex Criminals seemed like it was going to be a crime caper comic with a lot of semen-centric humor and a soupcon of bittersweet romance. It’s done those things really well, but has also morphed into something really special: an exploration of how we think about sex. »10/26/15 6:25pm10/26/15 6:25pm

Five Reasons You Should Be Reading Spider-Gwen

There are lots of Spider-people in Marvel Comics nowadays but only one of them has the distinction of being the parallel universe version of Peter Parker’s long-dead girlfriend. Making an alt-Gwen into a superhero is a good twist but it’s not the sole reason that readers should check out her adventures. »10/20/15 10:05am10/20/15 10:05am

Chainmail Bikini Anthology Has Women Gamers Telling Their Own Stories

Nearly every gamer has tales about how the imaginary worlds and real-life friendships of their shared hobby has inspired them and gotten them through some rough spots. An upcoming graphic novel anthology takes those moments and turns them in even more inspiration in the form of beautifully drawn comics stories. »3/27/15 5:23pm3/27/15 5:23pm