Who Would Even Wear These Wedding Gowns?: A Taxonomy of Brides


Far more fun than gawking at the gowns for bridal fashion week is imagining what kind of person would wear them. Shows like Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress have magnified our curiosity in bridal archetypes, and the very specific, very crucial ways a bridal gown reflects its wearer. If your personal style is the… » 4/29/15 11:50am 4/29/15 11:50am

Pamella Roland, for the Dour Debutante in You

There are some interesting ideas and pretty gowns in the spring 2014 Pamella Roland collection (shown today at New York Fashion Week), but for some reason the clothes come off as just a little… joyless. Honeycomb net/knit and mirror details should be fun, so why do these seem like the garments of the chick who comes… » 9/09/13 5:40pm 9/09/13 5:40pm

Pamella Roland, for Soirée-Throwing Ladies Who Demand Epic Levels of…

The Fall 2013 collection Pamella Roland showed today was not for wallflowers. The divas who wear these show-stoppingly elegant gowns will snap necks as heads turn whether they are coming or going. The backs are as gorgeous as the fronts! Roland creates ensembles that say I have arrived but also Well now I am leaving… » 2/11/13 10:00pm 2/11/13 10:00pm

Which Celeb Had the Best Dress at the Heart Truth Red Dress Event?

Last night, the 11th annual Heart Truth Red Dress fashion show kicked off New York Fashion Week. The event is sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin told ABC News: "Heart disease is the number one killer of women in this country and we want to raise awareness of… » 2/07/13 12:50pm 2/07/13 12:50pm