If Sarah Palin Hates Smart People, What Does That Say About Her Campaign?

Sarah Palin's only been doing this Vice Presidential thingie for, like, 5 weeks or so, which means it's about time for the inevitable Who She Is And How She Got Here stories to hit the magazines. See, John McCain, this is why people generally: a) actually vet their VP picks and b) announce them sooner. Then, the kind… »10/06/08 4:20pm10/06/08 4:20pm


Ohio Voter Stumbles Over Endorsement Of Sarah Palin

If you have HDTV, and you were watching the vice-presidential debate CNN last night, then you were able to see the audience meter at the bottom of the screen. CNN got together a focus group of undecided voters in Ohio, and throughout the debate, producers tracked how men and women were feeling about what the… »10/03/08 11:00am10/03/08 11:00am

Sarah Palin On Feminism, And How Homosexuality Is A "Choice"

In the installment of Katie Couric's interview »9/30/08 8:30pm9/30/08 8:30pm with Sarah Palin that aired tonight, Palin proclaimed that she is feminist. I've always insisted that there is no such thing as a bad feminist. BUT…like a lot of issues concerning Governor Palin's readiness to help lead the nation, I don't necessarily think Palin is an…

16 Sexist Sarah Palin Shirts That'll Probably Piss You Off

Sarah Palin's policies suck. And though some of of Roe v. Wade talk is just a carrot in front of the horse to lure in voters, many are still uncomfortable with the idea of Palin being "a heartbeat" away from the presidency. In my opinion, she isn't a very logical person, what with the Creationism, her views on the… »9/17/08 3:30pm9/17/08 3:30pm

Sarah Palin: Do You Think You Can Stomach Four More Years Of "Nucular"?

Last night, portions of Charlie Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin aired on ABC World News Tonight »9/12/08 12:00pm9/12/08 12:00pm and . And he didn't lob softballs at her. In fact, one walked away from the interview clips with the distinct feeling that Charlie Gibson sort of despised his interview subject...and for good reason. Palin didn't even…