Football Player Has Novel Perspective On Sexual Harassment

"You give [a woman] a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her...I don't know what kind of woman won't, if you get to go and look at 53 men's packages." Redskin Clinton Portis has since apologized » 9/14/10 5:30pm 9/14/10 5:30pm

Phyllis Schlafly Calls Sarah Palin "The Total Package"

Schlafly explains, "Sarah Palin is the total package. She's got a cute husband. She's got a lot of kids." But she doesn't think Palin's ready for the Presidency. You mean Todd's cheekbones aren't a substitute for experience? [Politics Daily] » 2/19/10 1:20pm 2/19/10 1:20pm