'War on Women' as Fake as 'War on Caterpillars,' Says Totally Sober RNC Chairman

Today, in a moment that's bound to go down in Republican National Committee history as one of the most drunk-seeming sober moments of all time, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus dismissed the notion that the "war on women" is anything other than another myth perpetuated by Democrats. It's as fake as that other war everyone… »4/05/12 2:15pm

Batshit Insane Lawmakers Attempting to Declare Women 'Pregnant' Two Weeks Before Conception

Arizona's proposed ban on abortions past 20 weeks' gestation comes with a disturbingly crappy detail that's been mostly overlooked — according to the new law, the Abortion Countdown Clock starts ticking down two weeks before conception, which means that if you're currently on your period but planning on ovulating in 2… »4/03/12 3:25pm