Why Is Orthorexia Still Not Classified as an Eating Disorder?

There's a point where healthy eating becomes an obsession, and more officially, an eating disorder—but despite the growing realization that healthy eating can turn psychologically and physically unhealthy, there's still no official diagnosis for the condition. A new Fast Company article breaks down why it's important… »1/29/15 6:50pm1/29/15 6:50pm


Shun Your Friends & Learn A Cool New Eating Disorder In Teen Vogue!

The October "Young Hollywood" issue of Teen Vogue »9/09/08 1:30pm9/09/08 1:30pm has loads of stars inside — eyebrow-wielding coverboy Zac Efron, Leighton Meester, Kat Dennings, etc. But if you're paging through the back of the magazine, you'll find a couple of giant, extremely disturbing diet-related quotes, which ultimately lead to a story about…