Man Hacked in the Face Defending an Orphanage Justifiably Rewarded

A few days ago, a Kenyan man named Omari was released from the hospital after recovering from injuries sustained while defending an orphanage from a band of roving thugs— by himself. They slashed him in the face with a machete, leaving him with a large wound that required stitches. After the incident, a founder of the… »1/27/12 3:00pm1/27/12 3:00pm

Madonna On Helping Malawi Orphans: "It Gives You Such An Appreciation For Life"

Madonna's new documentary, I Am Because We Are, aired last night on the Sundance Channel. The film explores the lives of of children in Malawi orphaned by AIDS, and, in a clip (posted after the jump) Madonna talks about her own loss: "I can't compare my suffering to other children, but when I was six years old, my… »12/02/08 3:40pm12/02/08 3:40pm

The Death Of A Parent Can Both Immobilize And Inspire

Jeanne Safer was 57 years old when her mother died, reports the LA Times. Her father had died many years before and Safer is now an "adult orphan." But she soon discovered a "shocking — almost sacrilegious" truth: It can be awesome when a parent dies. "The death of a parent — any parent — can set us free. It offers us… »5/06/08 2:00pm5/06/08 2:00pm