How Twitter Could Beat the Trolls, And Why It Won’t

Twitter has a troll problem. It has from the beginning, really. But it's been particularly loud this month, thrown into sharp relief with the sickening attacks on Robin Williams' grieving daughter, Zelda. Twitter's response has been tepid at best—and as far as squashing trolls goes, it's the most we can ever expect. »8/20/14 4:58pm8/20/14 4:58pm

Texas Girls May Still Be in Detention After Using Fake Facebook Page to Bully Classmate

Two Texas girls accused of creating a fake Facebook page and impersonating a classmate were detained (and may still be detained) on July 16 and have been charged with online impersonation, a third degree felony. Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds has compared the Facebook impersonation to identity theft, which, he… »7/31/12 11:50am7/31/12 11:50am