Alleged Butt Injector Gets Stabbed in Face With Syringe

Remember Oneal Ron Morris, who was arrested for injecting a woman's butt with Fix-A-Flat? Well talk show host Cristina Saralegui had Morris's assistant Corey Eubanks on her show, and Eubanks ended up getting stabbed with a syringe. Yes, you can watch. » 1/26/12 4:45pm 1/26/12 4:45pm

Don't Put Fix-A-Flat In Your Butt

Oneal Ron Morris has been arrested for practicing medicine without a license after she injected a woman's butt with a combination of cement (presumably the rubber variety), mineral oil, and Fix-A-Flat tire sealant. The woman developed pneumonia and MRSA. Morris (pictured above) appears to have given herself injections… » 11/21/11 10:30am 11/21/11 10:30am