Love Is Dead: Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Marriage Reportedly Coming to an End

Rumors of the iminent breakup between superstars Jay Z and Beyonce are reaching a critical mass. Like any massively famous couple, they've been plagued with rumors of infidelity and unhappiness throughout much of their relationship. But recently, the stories that they will divorce as soon as their On The Run tour… »7/22/14 2:30pm7/22/14 2:30pm

Mahbooba Ahadgar Still Not In Italy, Probably Not In The Olympics

A couple weeks ago we weighed in on the story of Mahbooba Ahadgar »7/29/08 12:30pm7/29/08 12:30pm, the third woman from Afghanistan to ever qualify for the Olympics. She disappeared from an Olympic training facility in Italy on July 4th and many people worried that the extremists who had been threatening her for weeks might have finally gotten their…