Gus Kenworthy's Love For Puppies Has Him Stuck In Sochi

Remember when Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy found all the puppies? Well, it appears that Kenworthy has become attached to the strays, and is taking steps to bring them back to Colorado with him. Kenworthy is so committed to bringing those puppies home that he is staying in Sochi a few days longer than he had planned to… »2/17/14 2:30pm2/17/14 2:30pm


First Things First: What Kind Of Dog Should The First Puppy Be?

During the election campaign, Barack and Michelle Obama promised to buy their daughters Malia and Sasha a dog once the election was over, win or lose. During his victory speech at Grant Park last night, Obama brought up the puppy issue publicly and announced that a young canine will »11/05/08 2:20pm11/05/08 2:20pm be accompanying them to the White…