Memo To Allure: Rachel Zoe Is Not Alluring

Allure magazine is the most confusing of all the American ladymags. Is it a beauty magazine? A fashion magazine? Both? Do people really still buy it? But what's even more confusing was the guest list for last night's NYC event celebrating the "Most Alluring Bodies": those of Hilary Duff, Katherine McPhee, Paula… » 5/08/08 10:30am 5/08/08 10:30am

Helen Hunt Finds Birth Mother, Pretty Dress At Film Premiere

Helen Hunt: She's not just Jaime Buchman, she's a very serious director. Hunt's latest fare is the adoption drama Then She Found Me which, a la Streisand, she doesn't just direct, but stars in as well. Last night's New York premiere featured the film's cast (Bette Midler, Salman Rushdie, Matthew Broderick) and their… » 4/22/08 10:30am 4/22/08 10:30am

Uma & Eva Look Great Even Though Their Movie Looks Awful

In the new film The Life Before Her Eyes, Uma Thurman, left, plays a woman who, as a child, witnessed a "Columbine-like" event which fucked her up for life. But want to know what's really fucked up? The fact Evan Rachel Wood plays Thurman's character's younger self. To quote Cher Horowitz: As if. Susan Sarandon's… » 4/16/08 10:30am 4/16/08 10:30am

The Fashions At Flawless Were Anything But

Last night in New York, Demi Moore, left, hosted a special screening of her latest movie, Flawless, in which she co-stars with Michael Caine as an executive so disgruntled over glass ceilings that she agrees to screw over her employer and steal some diamonds. And although the plot of the film seems somewhat flimsy,… » 3/25/08 10:30am 3/25/08 10:30am

LOLSocialites: Money Just Can't Buy Taste

One of the reasons New York is really funny — and annoying — is because the city has "socialites": Self-important, wealthy women with ridiculous names (Byrdie Bell, Tinsley Mortimer, Susan Shin, Carrie Cloud, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes) who like to go to parties where they buy "tables" so that they can wear expensive… » 3/13/08 10:30am 3/13/08 10:30am