Cat Videos Were Popular in 1939 Too

Okay, this 1939 comic from Cuban Communist newspaper Noticias de Hoy isn't exactly a video. But it does show that the appeal of the cat-in-box genre is longstanding. Wonder if Noticias ever had any comics about adorable drugged-out children or leaving pop stars alone. » 2/24/12 7:10pm 2/24/12 7:10pm

Vintage Kardashian Holiday Cards: Old Noses, Awkward Poses

After releasing the 2010 Kardashian-Jenner Christmas photo, Kim Kardashian got nostalgic and posted some old holiday pictures of her family. Let's visit with ghosts of Christmas past! » 12/17/10 2:44pm 12/17/10 2:44pm

Maxim's Tips For "Curing" Feminists

These 2003 tips for "curing" a feminist are surprisingly tame — maybe because Maxim quoted actual feminist Jennifer Baumgardner. They're also supposed to help you "get your chin buttered," something we thought dudebros were supposed to hate. » 11/16/10 1:01pm 11/16/10 1:01pm

Gelatinous Macaroni Loaf To Serve All Your Entertainment Needs This…

Vintage Ads dug up this gem from 1953, back when "it's less than 15 cents per serving!" and "it's super easy to slice up!" were food selling points. Serve it to someone toothless that you love this holiday season. » 11/07/10 2:40pm 11/07/10 2:40pm

Rare Photographs Reveal The Ladies Who Hung Out With Hells Angels just put up a never-seen before, unpublished Hells Angels gallery. And while the images (from 1965) of the guys are interesting, it's the women who will really catch your eye. » 9/28/10 7:48pm 9/28/10 7:48pm

Tina Fey's Mutual Savings Bank Commercial, Circa 1995

Before they were stars: Tina Fey, dressed like one of Seinfeld's love interests, and apparently in Felicity's apartment, shills for Mutual Savings Bank to the sounds of a 90s brunch soundtrack. [Via New York] » 8/02/10 6:35pm 8/02/10 6:35pm

The Average Housewife's Workweek: Staggering Since 1947

"35 beds to be made, 750 items of glass/china and 400 pieces of silverware to wash, 174 lbs. of food to prepare, some 250 pieces of laundry" — it added up to some 100 hours of joy per week. [PtakScienceBooks] » 6/02/10 12:40pm 6/02/10 12:40pm

A History Of Fainting Spells, Headaches, And Sexual Indifference

"The manual is a codex of denial, submission, ignorance, boredom, tiredness, exasperation and triviality so far as sexuality is concerned for women—there is no hint of pride, or of enjoyment." It's a vintage medical hard sell! » 5/13/10 4:40pm 5/13/10 4:40pm

1975: "What Kind Of Woman Are You, Anyway?"

Are you the kind who likes sleazy men? Creepy men? Insinuating men? Predatory men? There's an elemental fragrance for all of you! Keeping in mind that this ad is from Teen magazine. [Vintage_Ads] » 5/10/10 12:40pm 5/10/10 12:40pm

Time To Back Away Slowly

We cannot improve on this Vintage_Ad-commenter's take: "I'm torn between scooping my jaw off the floor and wanting to own one of these for the sheer novelty...Besides, any company that misspells its own name scores points in my book." [Vintage_Ads] » 4/29/10 7:20pm 4/29/10 7:20pm

Foreign-Accent Flights "Come In Four Styles With Hostesses To Match!"

"Italian (see toga), French (see gold mini), Olde English (see wench). And Manhattan Penthouse (see hostess pajamas - after all, hostesses should look like hostesses, right?)" Foreign touches all around. (See sexual harassment!) [Vintage_Ads] » 4/26/10 11:20am 4/26/10 11:20am

"The Only X-Rated Panties In Town"?

We tend to doubt it, but we'll concede the uniqueness of cotton bikinis featuring outlined shag-haired couples demonstrating sex positions under your astrological "sex sign!" (Although what we Tauruses are supposed to be doing, is unclear.) [Vintage_Ads] » 4/22/10 12:20pm 4/22/10 12:20pm

Before There Was Internet Porn There Was "Boudoir Frantic"

And little hand-cranked at-home peep-shows featuring "ten girls, ten action plots, ten exclusive stag subjects!" You must be must be must agree that some things haven't changed nearly enough! [ModernMechanix] » 4/21/10 3:30pm 4/21/10 3:30pm

Zipper Maven: “A Button Is Unpleasant”

We love stories of people gallantly carrying on really specific trades in a changing world. Dig this profile of 86-year-old Eddie Feibusch, "Unzipping America since 1941." (How many people can say they've zipped both Tiger Woods and Bernie Madoff?) [NYT] » 4/20/10 11:20am 4/20/10 11:20am

He'll Be Back: This Vintage Ad Raises So Many Questions...

Like, where's the governator's lower half? Is that the "food" in question? Is it Christmas? Why is he keeping these two yearning women apart? (Eerily prescient!) And...what the hell is it advertising? [Vintage_Ads] » 4/20/10 10:40am 4/20/10 10:40am

"The Most Revolutionary Guarantee In Slenderizing History"

Right now (okay, right now in 1971) these two women are shrinking their waists, tummies, hips, and thighs, just by wearing a pair of space-diapers! They called it the "sauna belt," and thankfully, it never really caught on. [Modern Mechanix] » 3/26/10 2:30pm 3/26/10 2:30pm