Toby Keith Knows About Black People, And We Know About Toby Keith

Now, we know virtually no one listens to Glenn Beck's radio show (or, at the very least, that there's likely little overlap between his audience and ours). So you probably missed Toby Keith's groundbreaking appearance when he broke down the racial issues of the Presidential campaign for the intellectual betterment of… »8/05/08 10:00am8/05/08 10:00am


I'm Sure Claude Would Be Flattered And All, But $80 Million Is Almost What Afghanistan Made On Its Heroin Tax

  • Some anonymous collector just bought this Monet for $80.4 million from the kids of some famous collectors from Columbus, Indiana. No really, I thought it was a mistake too, but there really is a Columbus, Indiana, and before they died the couple who amassed this insane art collection were like the hipster royal…
  • »6/24/08 6:30pm6/24/08 6:30pm

I Won't Vote For A Man With a Moustache, But Republicans Should