Creepy New Study Suggests That Men Are Just Hoping to Marry a Mother Clone

Thanks to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, author of the lurid sex book Why Him? Why Her? How to Find and Keep Lasting Love, the Oedipal complex has received a much-needed 21st-century update. It's not that all men want to kill their fathers so they can marry their mothers — what they really want to do is find… »11/11/12 2:00pm11/11/12 2:00pm


Intimate Mother-Son Bonds Aren’t Nearly as Creepy as Norman Bates Would Have You Believe

Ever since Oedipus unwittingly carried on with his mom and Freud built an extensive scientific theory around their mythical indiscretions, a cultural stigma has been associated with close mother-son relationships, especially those relationships that continue on well into a disaffected, serial-killing adulthood.… »4/08/12 6:12pm4/08/12 6:12pm