You Can Now Make Perfume That Smells Like Your Dead Loved Ones

Because it’s no longer acceptable to lovingly embalm your dead and keep them secretly entombed in your home, a new company has created something that’s almost as good: a perfume that smells like the living body of your dearly departed. It’s called Olfactory Links and isn’t half as creepy as you’d think. »6/16/15 7:10pm6/16/15 7:10pm


Odorless Underarmers Walk Among Us, Buy Deodorant Just to Fit In

There exist among us, walking around as if they were also smelly animals, beings who do not produce any underarm odor, yet still insist on using deodorant, the better to hide their secret odor neutrality from the rest of the foul-smelling world. Some of these strange creatures might not even realize just how odorless… »1/17/13 10:00am1/17/13 10:00am

Want to Feel Smart? Shove a Sprig of Rosemary Up Your Nose

OK, you don't actually have to shove rosemary all the way up into your nose, but a new study has found that smelling it improves your cognitive performance. British researchers exposed 20 volunteers to different levels of rosemary aromas, then assessed their cognitive performance and mood. They also did blood tests to… »2/28/12 11:15pm2/28/12 11:15pm

Dirty Diaper Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

There's a new kind of dirty bomb we need to worry about while flying: poopy diapers. A Qantas plane was in mid-air between Darwin and Brisbane, Australia earlier this week when passengers began complaining that something smelled strange. Airline procedures dictate that the plane has to land ASAP when that happens, so… »2/02/12 9:45pm2/02/12 9:45pm