Michelle Obama Co-Hosts The View, Discusses Racism, Sexism, and Toned Arms

Michelle Obama co-hosted The View today, and the ladies were way excited about it (just check out Sherri Shepherd's grin in that still). Whoopi was so psyched that she wet herself—when she knocked over her mug of water. No fights broke out between Elisabeth and Michelle, and it was all very ladylike and cordial. Joy… »6/18/08 2:30pm

Michelle Obama Pledges Not To Bring A Couple Of Slutty Lush Daughters Into The White House

Perhaps inspired by recent evidence of her husband's powerful effect on women voters, Michelle Obama is taking a more prominent role in her husband's campaign, which means: keeping the sluts at bay! Without once uttering a certain word rhyming with "Blenna", Lady Obama assured a room full of female campaign donors… »6/29/07 10:51am