Larry, the Quaker Oats Dude, Has Had Some Work Done

How would you describe oatmeal, the viscous goop that's a big breakfast favorite among conscientious gastroenterologists? If the words "fresh and innovative" spring immediately into your head, then you're exactly the sort of forward-thinker that carbohydrate purveyor Quaker wants as part of its marketing future. » 3/29/12 5:20pm 3/29/12 5:20pm

How Many Breakfasts Can One Person Be Expected to Eat?

Remember back in the good old days when breakfast was a proper meal eaten around a kitchen table adorned with a pitcher brimming with OJ and a vase full of fresh flowers? Sausage links glistened under the rays of sunlight that streamed in, and butter was smeared all over pancakes without fear of clogging one's… » 2/29/12 11:00am 2/29/12 11:00am