Don Draper and the Cast of Mad Men Occupy Wall Street

Cast members of AMC's "Mad Men" television show applaud during New York Stock Exchange opening bell ceremonies, Wednesday, March 21, 2012. They are, from left, John Slattery, Christina Hendricks, Lions Gate CEO Jon Feltheimer, the show's creator Matthew Weiner, Jon Hamm, January Jones and Kiernan Shipka. (AP… » 3/21/12 10:30pm 3/21/12 10:30pm

Mysterious Phenomena Called 'Feelings' Make Ladies Better At Investing

Research suggests that the global financial system would be in better shape if Wall Street's risk taking big swinging dicks were replaced with financially prudent big swinging vaginas; women, it seems, are better equipped to handle investment decisions without making a big mess of things. And the reason women make… » 11/28/11 11:30am 11/28/11 11:30am

Liza Gives The Stock Market A Different Kind Of Pounding

[New York, November 30: Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, so Liza's getting busy today by ringing the opening bell. Image via Getty.] » 11/30/10 3:35pm 11/30/10 3:35pm

Brangelina Tries Jewelry Design; Lindsay Lohan For Bebe?

Leanna Archer is perhaps the most ambitious » 10/16/08 9:40am 10/16/08 9:40am little 13-year-old in the United States right now: She owns her own hair care company called Leanna, Inc. and she also works as a motivational speaker. Today she will also become the youngest person to ever ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Does this…