Women Who Disagree With Catholic Church Now Accused of Radical Feminism…

Change has come to the Catholic Church. After centuries of accusing women who disagree with them of witchcraft, they've abandoned their antiquated ways and embraced a more modern way of thinking — accusing women who disagree with them of "radical feminism." And you say the Church isn't progressive! » 6/08/12 2:40pm 6/08/12 2:40pm

Oprah: Nuns Talk Sex

Being a former Catholic school girl whose feminism was actually inspired by the sisters who taught me, it was fascinating to watch the nuns on Oprah today speak about their sexual urges, which they liken to chocolate cravings. » 2/09/10 8:00pm 2/09/10 8:00pm

Vatican Attempts To Erase Images Of Modern Service To God

Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times found some compelling evidence that a Vatican investigation into the lives of American nuns is really just an effort to force them out of participation in modern life. » 7/02/09 1:30pm 7/02/09 1:30pm