Military Wife Finds Out via Facebook That Her Husband Was Killed in Afghanistan

No matter how one hears about it, finding out about the death of a loved one is bound to be awful. But one military wife had a particularly terrible experience—she found out her husband had been killed in action via Facebook. Ugh, yet another downside to being able to instantly contact anyone. »4/19/12 11:00pm4/19/12 11:00pm


Style Icon, Designer Victoria Beckham Gets Surreal

  • Wanna see Posh's designs, complete with lampshades and elephant-trunk headpieces? Check out the new commercial for her fashion line. [Fashionista]
  • "The video sees various models taking inspiration from Posh’s own ads for Marc Jacobs last season by hiding themselves all over a large mansion – behind drawers, in carrier…
  • »12/02/08 11:30am12/02/08 11:30am

Legendary Rock Club CBGB Achieves The Impossible, Sells Out Even More

  • Designer John Varvatos has bought the space formerly occupied by rock club CBGB's to open a new store. He's the one who designs clothes for Converse, which is that super-hip iconoclastic footwear brand owned by Nike, and... Move to North Korea if you hate capitalism so much! [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Project Runway Season…
  • »11/07/07 10:05am11/07/07 10:05am