Finally, a Reason to Shove Pork Up Your Nose

In this season of cold weather and dry air, nosebleeds are not uncommon. Most of the time you can stop them simply by applying a little pressure to your nose, but in case you can't, here's an excellent-sounding new remedy: cured pork. Yes, apparently a new study has found that a method known as "nasal packing with… » 1/24/12 10:20am 1/24/12 10:20am

Oh God: Ian Bothwell, a 63-year-old man in England, died on September 5 from a nose-bleed brought on too much nose-picking. Bothwell suffered from dementia brought on by alcoholism, and a pathologist concluded that he had picked his nose so often it caused him to bleed to death. [Telegraph] » 12/05/08 7:45pm 12/05/08 7:45pm