Amanda Bynes Indulges in More Twitter Oversharing About Her Nose Job

Creating an Amanda Bynes overshare meme seems like a pretty good weekend afternoon project for someone who, unlike yours truly, isn’t hard at work on his cookie cake bathroom mosaic (I anticipate a spread in Garden & Gun once the mosaic is finished, of course). There are now plenty of entries, like that time Amanda… »5/05/13 4:00pm5/05/13 4:00pm


This Week In Tabloids: Kate Middleton Can't Get Knocked Up, She's Anorexic

Welcome back to Midweek Madness. Every Wednesday, we "read" the celebrity tabloids so you don't "have" to. Today, since Reese Witherspoon wore a shirt over her bikini on the beach, obviously she is pregnant; newly divorced ScarJo and RyRen had an intimate dinner during which she touched his face and he rubbed her… »7/13/11 1:57pm7/13/11 1:57pm

This Week In Tabloids: Suri's Lonely Life; Leighton's Sordid Past & Possible Nose Job

Welcome back to Midweek Madness, for which we read the tabloid "news" so you don't have to! This week, Us »9/24/08 2:00pm9/24/08 2:00pm brings you the "untold" story about 's Leighton Meester's crazy criminal family, most of which was in magazine September 3. (It's still juicy stuff!) 's cover story is about poor little rich girl Suri Cruise and…