Assault Victim's Compensation Reduced Because Of Alcohol Use

The British papers are abuzz this morning with a sickening story of sexual assault, alcohol and insensitivity. Helen, a 25-year-old beauty therapist in London, saw the £11,000 awarded to her in the aftermath of her rape by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) reduced by 25% because she had been drinking… »8/12/08 9:30am8/12/08 9:30am


The Rape Conviction Rate In Britain Is Pathetically Low

Less than 6% of rapes reported in England lead to convictions — and that's out of as few as 10% of rapes that are reported in the first place. I'm no mathematician, but the good people at the Washington Post have underscore the fact that those statistics are deplorable. The well-researched article by the Post's Mary… »5/29/08 3:30pm5/29/08 3:30pm

Date Raped In D.C.? Apparently, "No Means No" Only At The Hospital

A college student is filing suit against her school and bunch of hospitals that allegedly denied her the courtesy of a rape kit after she was drugged and anally date raped. They denied her service, you see, because she appeared intoxicated. (!!!) This news comes to us from the sheltered conservative campus of George… »10/17/07 6:00pm10/17/07 6:00pm