Wonder Woman Kicks Nazi Ass in New Short Film

Here's a short film starring danish singer Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman. She's kicking the evil Nazi asses of Peter Stormare and Sons Of Anarchy‘s Timothy V. Murphy, and she looks good doing it. Hence the awkward shot of her butt hanging out of her costume. Raise your hand if you'd like to see Captain America in… » 2/28/13 10:30pm 2/28/13 10:30pm

Final Destination Premiere Was Seriously Ugly

The Final Destination, which premiered last night at the Mann Village Theatre, was one of the worst we've seen in a long time. When Hiltons start looking elegant, you know you've got a problem. » 8/28/09 10:30am 8/28/09 10:30am

Julie & Julia Premiere Had Delicious Dish

Julie & Julia is based on one great book and one okay one, so it's no wonder that the film's premiere, at Mann Village Theatre, should be a mixed bag - and full of food and Hollywood celebs...plus Alice Waters. » 7/28/09 10:30am 7/28/09 10:30am