The Unbearable Monotony Of Nicholas Sparks

David Germain of The Huffington Post calls Nicholas Sparks the "melodramatic machine." Machine's a good word, because it seems like he churns out dreck at an alarming rate. Worse, there's some kind of unspoken understanding that women like this crap. » 3/30/10 5:00pm 3/30/10 5:00pm

Nights In Rodanthe Premiere Fashions Will Make You Weep

People are manufacturing great excitement about the reunion of Diane Lane and Richard Gere for Nicholas Sparks' latest high budget Lifetimey three-hanky second-shot-at-love fest, Nights in Rodanthe » 9/24/08 10:30am 9/24/08 10:30am. To the extent the premiere says anything about the film, well, let's just say last night's red carpet at NYC's Ziegfeld…