Woman Sent Online Stranger $1.4M, Is Desperately Hoping He's Real

A woman who sent an online stranger more than a million dollars without ever having met him is desperately trying to keep her positive thinking intact. Even though her boyfriend's voice has differed and he keeps asking for money despite the fact that he has no plans to meet her, she is hoping against hope that he's a… »2/27/15 2:30pm2/27/15 2:30pm


Woman Fined Rather Than Applauded After Scamming Nigerian Email Scammers

An Australian woman has been fined after stealing more than $30,000 from Nigerian scammers who were running a fraudulent car sales website. I believe the customary punishment for people who con the con artists is to provide them with the cake of their choosing and three rounds of "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow," but I… »2/24/12 5:40pm2/24/12 5:40pm