'Girls Are Assholes' Is the Internet's Least Relatable Video Series

I wanted to like the on-its-way-to-viral "Girls Are Assholes" web series. I really did. Not because I'm the sort of woman who hates other women, but because I love me some sharply observed self-deprecating humor almost as much as I love fresh comedic perspectives from underrepresented demographics, and this video… »11/19/13 5:45pm11/19/13 5:45pm


Ladies of the Internet Not-So-Politely Tell Concernmongering Dudes to Shove It

If you've ever puttered around on the internet, chances are you've come across at least one dude who thought he was doing women a great service by telling them that they don't need to wear makeup and high heels and bras and fancy clothes — they're beautiful just the way they are. So, stop doing things that a sexist… »6/06/12 6:30pm6/06/12 6:30pm

Ultimate 'Nice Guy' Suspended from School for Giving Letter on Inner Beauty to Female Classmates

On Valentine's Day, a Toronto teen who attends a Catholic school distributed a letter about "inner beauty" to female classmates against the administration's wishes. Now, the student's been suspended and he wants his name cleared, claiming he was just trying to be a nice guy. Writing girls letters telling them how they… »3/02/12 4:30pm3/02/12 4:30pm