Brown Women Revolt! ("But Shit, Could We Get A Sidebar?")

That's one of a few hilarious lines in Racialicious' epic (and sobering) new takedown of Newsweek's recent "women and feminism" package and the defensive posturing after the magazine was called out for overlooking women of color. Check it here: [Racialicious] » 3/30/10 10:20am 3/30/10 10:20am

On Looking Back And Newsweek's Incomplete Picture

Her "long, blond-streaked hair fall[s] just so above each breast and her cheerleader-pretty face...Any old swatch of cloth rides like a midsummer night's dream on... her ‘most incredibly perfect body.'" Newsweek sure did appreciate Gloria Steinem's ideas in 1971! » 3/23/10 5:20pm 3/23/10 5:20pm