Fox News Host On Sexual Harassment: Better To "Just Walk Away"

A profile of Megyn Kelly today devotes considerable time to trying to decipher her ideology. (She claims not to have one). Kelly is, however, rather sympathetic to her corporate sister Cindy Adams' claim that sexually harassed women shouldn't sue. » 4/28/10 4:20pm 4/28/10 4:20pm

'Page Six Magazine': The Glossy Publication Of Our Functionally…

The best way to describe the brand new Page Six Magazine is New York as told to Life & Style, a verdict we would have delivered sooner if the president of Iran had not provided such irresistible fodder for our celebrity. fashion. feminism. website.* To be sure, we hear the News Corp overlords gave the editorial team… » 9/25/07 1:00pm 9/25/07 1:00pm