News At 11: Keira Knightley, Heroine To Full-Figured Women Everywhere

  • FHM spokesman says Kate Moss isn't on the magazine's "Sexiest 100 Women" list because "the average guy on the street prefers someone that's a little more womanly." Which explains why Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller made the cut. [Page Six]
  • Barbara Walters's new beau is a geronologist. Wow: Baba really, really
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News At 11: Is Rose McGowan's Bad Karma Responsible For Her "Grindhouse" Dress-Down?

  • Rose McGowan shacked up with her Grindhouse director Robert Rodriguez during filming, thereby breaking up his marriage to movie producer Elizabeth Avellan. This might explain why Avellan's daughters arrived up at the film's premiere in a pair of McGowan-outlawed red dresses. [PageSix]
  • Girls Gone Wild's Joe Francis…
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