Things Learned At The Arrested Development Reunion (Besides That Possible TV Series And Movie)

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Arrested Development reunion at the New Yorker Festival, and by "extreme pleasure," I promise I'm not exaggerating. Being a mega-fan of the show a since it first aired, I found myself simultaneously cheering, clapping, and half-crying while my insides fluttered… »10/03/11 7:00pm10/03/11 7:00pm

"Housewife Finds Time To Write Short Stories": An Evening With Alice Munro

The thing about privilege is that it's easy to ignore. It's part of your particular set of fated circumstances, as much a forgettable part of your self as the shape of your nose or the writing callus on your index finger. Hearing the probably-callused Canadian writer Alice Munro interviewed by fiction editor Deborah… »10/06/08 12:30pm10/06/08 12:30pm